Local Development

The Local Development Unit contributes to achieving CEOSS’ mission by following and implementing a new development model with a new development methodology that suits the current phase. It is a resilient response to the current and prospective changes in uniformity with the governing directions of the state’s public policy and development agenda and taking into consideration changes in the financing map and its sources.

El Morshed elZaki app

an app that helps the farmer to:
– monitor climate change
– raise the productivity of crops
– be linked to the most profitable markets
– convert plant waste to compost

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Activating the Role of the Private Sector in Promoting Gender Equality in the MENA Region

We are pleased to announce that a booklet about experiences, achievements, lessons-learned and recommendations gathered during the implementation of our pilot project “Activating Private Sector to Act as an Advocate for Women’s Economic Rights in the MENA Region” are now available for download, in English and Arabic languages! We hope that the accomplishments and experiences in this project will continue to inspire new initiatives and sustainable action in the region to further accelerate progress towards the goal of allowing women to reach their full economic participation and rights. The booklet is available for download in English and Arabic languages, and we appreciate any feedback readers might have to share with us. Together with our partners in this project, CEOSS in Egypt, CAWTAR in Tunisia and Ennakhil Association in Morocco, we extend our thanks to United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF) for making this great project possible

Specialized Development Services

Erada Program

The program aims at making both the internal and external environment accessible in order to include and integrate persons with disabilities in public life.

Developing mobility aids models “wheelchairs” according to quality standards in accordance to the needs of persons with disabilities

Program for Rehabilitating Persons with Disabilities

The program aims at empowering persons with disabilities and their families to effectively participate in society as well as calling for obtaining their rights, enhancing their inclusion in the community, and working towards removing all forms of discrimination against them.

Housing Program

The program aims at improving and developing families’ housing situation to become healthier and safer environmentally. The program aims to work with middle- and low-income families and newlyweds besides the more vulnerable families who suffer from the deterioration of the health, environmental situation, and security levels inside the units they live in.

Gender Program

The program aims at building a just society characterized by equal social and economic rights and equal opportunities in public work to achieve equity and gender balance. The program also aims at emphasizing the empowerment of women and girls in all aspects of life and their participation in decision-making processes.

Eye Health Program

The program aims at eliminating avoidable blindness by reaching poor and deprived citizens through providing access to sustainable comprehensive health care systems to ensure the best possible vision for citizens.

Institutional Support Program

The program aims at enhancing readiness for community resilience at the level of individuals, groups, institutions, and local communities in order to acquire the ability to develop mechanisms that empower them to face current and prospective changes and threats, in order to combat poverty and achieve development.

Economic Development Program

This field focuses on the economic empowerment of poor groups of youth of both sexes as well as women in poor and marginalized communities for the sake of empowering them to obtain decent employment opportunities and thus an increase in income to secure a decent life

The Emergency Program

The program aims at protecting poor and vulnerable groups during crises and disasters through taking measures and implementing a package of urgent relief interventions that assist them in facing these crises and mitigating their negative effects.

Local Development Events

Comprehensive Rural Development

Agriculture and Livestock Program

The agricultural programs aim at improving livelihood for small scale farmers, breeders, and fishermen through developing rural areas and empowering them to invest available resources and experiences to reach a competitive social, environmental, and economic advantage.

Children at Risk Program

This program aims at contributing to securing a better life for child laborers and their families. It also contributes to creating a protective environment for them which, in turn, ensures preserving these children’s humanity, dignity, and childhood. In addition, it reduces the effects of poverty, exploitation, and physical, emotional, and sexual abuse.

Education and Civic Education Program

Since its establishment, CEOSS has taken interest in education as a basic entry to develop a human being as an individual as well as enhancing society’s ability to develop its capacities. Thus, managing literacy classes has been an activity in which CEOSS has excelled in the work

General and Reproductive Health Program

The program aims at empowering the most vulnerable poor groups such as women, children, and adolescents to be able to access their health rights and obtain public health resources and services to enjoy good health conditions.

Local Development Offices