About us

The Agricultural Hub is one of CEOSS’ investment projects that aims to maximize agricultural investment opportunities to ensure the principle of equal opportunities and equal accessibility to different high-quality services, through increasing service availability outlets for the poorest and most vulnerable groups and communities.


Maximizing CEOSS’ economic returns through providing economic services based on competition, quality, and investing in the private sector’s resources in favor of farmers through working on value chains as well as enhancing the competitiveness of agricultural products in local and international markets.

Post-harvest services station

(sorting, packaging, cooling, and drying) for preparing agricultural products Objective: Maximizing crops’ added value through post-harvest processes. The station works on crops for both local and international markets. Crops include onions, garlic, pomegranate, mangoes, grapes, green beans, and carrots.

Agricultural machinery and equipment

Objective: Improving product quality, reducing waste, reducing production cost, and improving productivity through all phases from soil preparation to harvest

Marketing and Production Requisites Center

Objective: Studying and analyzing local agricultural markets with the aim of reaching more profitable markets while applying a contractual agricultural system, by facilitating signing marketing contracts between small farmers and markets; and providing technical support and production requisites, whether seeds, seedlings, or high-quality fertilizers.

Agricultural Land

Objective: Show-casing different agricultural models for safe clean agriculture as educational models that can be replicated by farmers for learning and acquiring experiences in modern agricultural practices as replicable models for entrepreneur farmers in Upper Egypt