Forum for intercultural dialogue

The forum was established in 1992, as part of the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services (CEOSS). It focused on issues that are directly related to cultural development: building tolerance and acceptance of others, mutual respect, peaceful coexistence, and others, targeting multiple categories of society.

Our mission is to continue contributing in building understandings and creating safe spaces for dialogue to ensure diversity among all intellectual, political and religious currents, with a focus on the most moderate elements, as well as their involvement in planning programs and activities, as well as their participation as speakers.

Youth Capacity Building Program

The program aims to build and qualify leadership cadres of young people in the field of dialogue (this includes religious leaders, preachers, female ministers, academics, media professionals, representatives of civil society and students in the religious institutions), which qualifies them to be agents of change and bring about positive change in their communities.

Gaining Support and Advocacy Program

The program aims to advocate and gain support on the issue of confronting hate speech in socialization institutions, working to put this issue at the center of public opinion and media attention, as well as adopting new positions and ideas, and influencing decision-makers to take positive steps towards dealing with these issues.

Integrated Development Model Program

The program aims to implement integrated development models through partnerships with local organizations, and the implementation of initiatives that include cultural and social inputs for awareness, capacity building and empowerment, which in turn contributes to the advancing of the role of dialogue, culture, peace and diversity in the marginalized communities.

International Dialogue Program

The program contributes to the process of building the required trust between Arabs and the West, by providing an example of dialogue between global cultures at a time when hatred and misunderstandings between nations and peoples are rising in many countries of the world.

It consists of an Arab-Arab dialogue, and an Arab-European dialogue

Arab- Arab Dialogue

It aims at promoting dialogue on issues of common concern with the aim of creating a common Arabic vision on these issues among Arab civil society organizations to disseminate learned experiences and the best practices for positive coexistence.

The Arab-European Dialogue

Sharing the best experiences related to democratic work and political transformation through dialogue, which creates an orientation towards the issue of networking between intellectuals, policy makers and civil society actors in the Arab and European countries who have the ability to influence the public discourse

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