Housing Program

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The program aims at improving and developing families’ housing situation to become healthier and safer environmentally. The program aims to work with middle- and low-income families and newlyweds besides the more vulnerable families who suffer from the deterioration of the health, environmental situation, and security levels inside the units they live in.


Quantitative Achievements

1787 low-income families benefitted from provision of environmentally appropriate and healthy housing

Major Qualitative Achievements

  • Enhanced the principles of social solidarity inside the local communities by supporting the development of 85 houses of most vulnerable families
  • Achieved geographical expansion of the program by working in a new community in Minia Governorate
  • Provided technical support for 13 local communities to empower them to manage the program across the different planning, implementation, and follow up phases
  • Directly and indirectly supported economic activities in the work communities through providing linkage to employment opportunities for labor and achieving economic boom for the commodities and services related to building and developing houses