Local Development Unit Objectives



General Strategic Objective


Building community resilience for individuals, groups, institutions, and communities in order to be able to face current and expected changes and threats, in order to overcome poverty, improve quality of life for marginalized groups, and achieve sustainable, equitable, and inclusive development.

Specific Strategic Objectives

  • First objective: empowering the poor and marginalized to be able to access equal opportunities in resources and inclusion in public services in all areas to secure them a decent life
  • Second objective: contributing to providing food security and ensuring its safety plus enhancing clean sustainable agricultural systems to overcome hunger and lack of food in poor and marginalized communities
  • Third objective: increasing the preparedness and steadfastness of individuals and communities that are more vulnerable to risks to develop effective mechanisms that contribute to community resilience to face current and prospective threats and changes in all economic, social, and environmental aspects as well as activating social care and emergency policies
  • Fourth objective: contributing to achieving equality and gender balance and empowering women and girls to obtain their rights, opportunities, and resources in all aspects of life without discrimination