Message of CEOSS Director(CEOSS)

Reverend Dr. Andrea Zaki

The Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services seeks, since the 1950s, to improve the quality of life for poor and marginalized citizens whoever and wherever they may be. It works to provide opportunities for decent and sustainable living for citizens of our homeland in the poorest villages and slums with a focus on most vulnerable groups such as women, youth, persons with disabilities, and children.
CEOSS works on achieving its mission through setting executive plans for its different units and programs. These are prepared in a scientific manner to suit the needs of the work communities. Last year, CEOSS was able to realize many achievements and extend its mission to more than two million Egyptian citizen in villages, slums, and deprived areas regardless of gender, religion, or creed.
For CEOSS to achieve its mission on the ground, it works through mechanisms and models that aim at building poor communities, institutions, and individuals in order to increase their preparedness and enhance their cohesion to be capable of developing effective mechanisms that contribute to their steadfastness and resilience to confront current and prospective dangers, threats, and changes on all fronts.

Message of CEOSS Director

CEOSS’ Board of Directors

CEOSS’ Board of Directors

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