Rehabilitating Persons with Disabilities Program

The program aims at empowering persons with disabilities and their families to effectively participate in society as well as calling for obtaining their rights, enhancing their inclusion in the community, and working towards removing all forms of discrimination against them.


Quantitative Achievements

4107 persons with disabilities and their families benefitted from the program for rehabilitating persons with disabilities

401 families of persons with disabilities were rehabilitated to support the process of integrating their children with disabilities in society

2725 persons with disabilities have been provided with better access to their rights in public services and specialized rehabilitation programs

274 community cadres have been empowered to support persons with disabilities in accessing specialized rehabilitation programs and facilitating access to their rights in public services

539 citizens have had their awareness raised on correct concepts related to disability and inclusive development

3 public institutions have had their environment rehabilitated for the accessibility and use of persons with disabilities

168 persons with disabilities have benefitted from prosthetic devices and mobility aids

Major Quantitative Achievements

  • Signing a protocol of cooperation with the Charity Investment Fund for Supporting Persons with Disabilities “Ataa” (Giving) to support the project for “Community Based Rehabilitation Units in Upper Egypt and Beheira” that aim at establishing a model for community rehabilitation at the local level
  • Launching a project for educational integration in five local communities in Sohag Governorate. This targets the enhanced capacities of 10 public primary schools towards integrating children with disabilities as well as increasing and improving the services of the centers for rehabilitating children with disabilities and increasing the awareness of local communities towards the rights and integration of persons with disabilities
  • Launching and implementing an initiative for rehabilitating and training 60 female health and rural leaders in the governorates that aimed at disseminating awareness messages on correct disability concepts and integrating persons with disabilities