Institutional Support Program

The program aims at enhancing readiness for community resilience at the level of individuals, groups, institutions, and local communities in order to acquire the ability to develop mechanisms that empower them to face current and prospective changes and threats, in order to combat poverty and achieve development.


Main Achievements:

  • Formed 309 committees to adopt local initiatives to face crises and build community resilience aimed at strengthening vulnerable communities
  • Signed 258 contractual partnerships with NGOs, various community organizations and governmental institutions to implement resilience-based community initiatives
  • Built capacities of 381 members of NGOs, community organizations, functional structures, and public institutions. This included topics related to the community resilience strategy, rights-based approach to development, mobilizing community resources, and providing specialized technical support as well as various experience sharing activities.

Within the framework of developing mechanisms of institutional support programs aimed at building community resilience, the following was accomplished:

  • Produced a manual for applying community resilience strategy, which is one of the tools that enhance building knowledge and practical frameworks for various civil society organizations that use this methodology through the stages of planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating development projects
  • Established 4 branch incubators in the governorates of Cairo, Qalyoubia, Beni-Suef, and Minia through which local mentors provide training and technical support to grassroot CBOs and enhance their capacities through the design and implementation phases of local community resilience-based initiatives