Itsa Center

Itsa Center is located 15 km north of Al-Minya in Upper Egypt. This center was established in the mid-1970s as a small place to train volunteer leaders to take roles in the development of their communities. Itsa Center is one of the leading centers in the field of conferences, for providing rooms for well-equipped accommodation, serving meals, and halls of various sizes. It also provides everything necessary for training programs for various groups, in addition to its strategic location in the center of Upper Egypt.

Itsa Center also provides its services to all classes of society, starting from one-day trips, to the full establishment of conferences, as well as receiving VIP visitors through various activities that are consistent with the mission and values of the organization.

It accommodates up to 200 guests apart and 450 guests in normal conditions

The space consists of 400 square meters of air-conditioned area

In addition to several halls of different sizes and numbers, equipped for all meetings and events

Swimming Pool

Enjoy the charming nature and the beautiful rural atmosphere to spend the vacation with family and friends by the swimming pool and enjoy the finest types of country food and drinks at the best prices

Tent for meetings

A tent with an area of 1000 meters can accommodate up to 1500 attendees, equipped with a stage and lighting for holding major meetings.

Tent for meetings

The headquarters contains hotel rooms for accommodation

It can accommodate up to 220 guests

Wedding Halls

Al Shallal Hall is an open hall that accommodates 500 guests, equipped with the latest equipped with the latest equipment and modern technologies and installations to provide the perfect setting for your wedding

The swimming pool hall is an outdoor space that can hold 700 guests, designed to host the most prestigious weddings

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