Initiative Title: “I Thought” – Achieving Cultural Communication and Correcting Stereotypes in the Alexandria Community

“I Thought”… A community initiative carried out by the Religious Leaders Group in Alexandria as part of their participation in the Cultural Dialogue Forum. The initiative aims to correct misconceptions and stereotypes held by youth about those who are different, while raising awareness about the historical role of worship in Islam and Christianity, establishing a common ground among the youth.

The initiative included a visit to the Mosque of Commander Ibrahim, providing insight into its historical identity and architectural construction. This was followed by a visit to the recently opened Greek-Roman Museum, aiming to understand different cultures as an embodiment of the idea of coexistence. Subsequently, the participants headed to the Church of the Annunciation of Good Tidings, where they explored its artifacts, landmarks, and important icons, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the imagery.

Throughout the visits to these mentioned places, the youth’s questions were thoroughly answered by specialized religious figures. The day concluded with an open meeting for the participating youth, where they expressed the impact of the initiative in changing their perceptions about others. They also revealed the religious, cultural, and civilizational commonalities among them as Egyptians.