Enhancing Learning and Networking Opportunities in Healthcare Rights for People with Disabilities: Regional Conference in Dubai with the Participation of Egypt and Five Arab Countries.

The Local Development Unit of the Evangelical Coptic Authority for Social Services, in collaboration with the Diaconia Authority, organized over the past three days, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the regional conference to enhance learning opportunities, networking, and exchange of experiences regarding issues related to people with disabilities in the field of health rights and reproductive health. The conference was attended by a distinguished group of experts, specialists, and professionals in the fields of disability, health, and climate change from six Arab countries, including Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Bahrain, and Morocco, as well as representatives from Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates.

This event coincides with the participation of the Evangelical Coptic Authority in the activities of the COP 28 Climate Summit. In this context, Margret Saarofim, Head of the Local Development Department at the Evangelical Authority, stated: ‘The conference recommendations emphasized the importance of continuing regional and national efforts in the Arab world to address issues related to health, reproductive health, and climate change for individuals with disabilities. The Evangelical Coptic Authority and participants in this meeting aim to enhance coordination, cooperation, and activate resources to improve the quality of life for individuals with disabilities in all Arab countries.