The Dialogue Forum Organized A Number Of Initiatives In Assiut Governorate in December As Part Of The Community Cohesion Project

“Respecting the diversity of cultures, tolerance, dialogue, and cooperation, in an atmosphere of trust and understanding, is the best guarantee for achieving international and national peace and security.”

And based on the responsibility of the Forum for Dialogue of Cultures of CEOSS, towards this issue, and in support of the efforts of state institutions in this context, the forum organized a number of initiatives in Assiut Governorate last December within the Community Cohesion Project that is being implemented over the years 2022-2023, which included Religious leaders and civil society representatives and academics.


Initiative “Fi l’ Hiwar Hayat” (There is Life In Dialogue)

The initiative aimed to raise awareness and contribute to upholding the value of peaceful coexistence and acquiring a culture of acceptance of the other among students of preparatory and secondary schools and the teaching staff from several villages (Arab Al-Jahma – Al-Monsha’a Al-Kubra – Al-Munsha’a Al-Sughra – Al-Tamsahiyah – Rizqat Al-Dair – Al-Tetalia and Arab Al-Tatelia – Manshaat Khashaba), which are from the villages of Al-Qusiya Markaz (municipal division) in Assiut Governorate, through dialogue and meaningful and constructive discussion, which are based on a scientific methodology of interactive education, in addition to the importance of consolidating the concepts of conflict resolution in its various methods, in order to create a generation that believes in justice and equality and to build a culture of dialogue and engagement. All this through creating spaces for student exchange between schools, strengthening student understanding of the impact of communication method and teaching individuals how to  establish mutual communication.

The awareness was raised among 160 students and teachers in preparatory and secondary schools about the values of peaceful coexistence, dialogue and acceptance of difference.