The National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) received a delegation of (CEOSS)

The National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) received the delegation of (CEOSS) headed by Rev. Andre Zaki, with a group of (CEOSS) partners from the United States of America and Europe.

Moushira Khattab, President of (NCHR), praised the role played by (CEOSS) in many economic, social and cultural fields, and stressed that Egypt is having an unprecedented opportunity in the human rights sphere, in the presence of a high-level political will to promote and strengthen human rights to move forward.

Khattab added that the council is working to implement what was stated in the national human rights strategy through cooperation and coordination with all concerned parties and civil society organizations, as the council is an independent body with an “A” rating, which is the highest rating for national human rights institutions.

And Dr. Andre expressed his proudness of the council’s role as an independent national institution working to promote human rights headed by Ambassador Mushira Khattab, who is one of the national leaders known for her efficiency and professionalism in her career. He added that Egypt witnessed a significant change, and that Egypt in 2013 chose life for we are a tolerant and loving people. He also added that there are now open to new areas for unprecedented religious freedoms in Egypt, and that we have a new law for building churches, and an Evangelical Endowments Authority, and several decisions have been made supporting the values of coexistence and citizenship.

The meeting was attended by Ambassador Mahmoud Karem, Vice President of the Council, Ambassador Fahmy Fayed, Secretary-General of the Council, and a number of members of the National Committee for Human Rights, George Ishaq, Essam Shiha, Dr. Noha Bakr, Abdel-Gawad Ahmed, Dr. Ghada Hammam, Dr. Hoda Ragheb, Dr. Ayman Zuhri, Dr. Wafa Benjamin, and Samira Luke.