Making Clothes .. Making Money

Hanim Abdel Mawgud Rashwan

Hanim Abdel Mawgud resides in one of the slums Embaba, Giza Governorate. She is widow and have five children ( one boy and four girls). Since her husband passed away, she is the breadwinner for her family. The responsibility on her shoulders was heavy. She didn’t have any source of income. As Hanim had experience in sewing clothes, she decided to start to a Sewing Project to help her family. She is working inside her house and that doesn’t affect her role as a mother taking care of her family.

She bought a sewing machine for making clothes for the neighbor’s demand. Hanim thought of developing her project to cover her family needs. She got a first loan to buy fabrics and yarns to make the clothes and sell it to neighbors. She expanded her work gradually.

She got a second loan to expand her work buying another sewing machine. This idea helped her to create a job opportunity for her two daughters in the project. On one hand, Hanim’s daughters supported their mother work and on the other hand, Hanim supported her children education and also helped them in their marriage arrangements.

Hanim is proud of her success and her neighbors also are pleased with her distinct service.