“Sports Guide for Promoting Peaceful and Inclusive Communities”

We are delighted to have your participation in the United Nations International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, themed for this year 2024: “Sports for Promoting Peaceful and Inclusive Communities”. This slogan reflects the United Nations’ growing recognition of the positive impact that sports have on promoting human rights, social development, and sustainable development goals.

The Dialogue of Cultures Forum is pleased to participate in this day through the efforts it has made over the years in conveying noble values and principles through sports, through its successful experiences in various communities in Egypt. The forum has contributed to promoting sustainable development, achieving individual development, capacity building, gender equality, social integration, social capital development, peacebuilding, conflict prevention and resolution, communication, and social mobilization.

Furthermore, the forum has recently collaborated with the Media and Production Unit/Curricula of the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services to issue a training guide on “Using Sports and Arts to Promote Values of Dialogue and Community Peace”. You can download this guide from the following link: (Guide Link).

Let us continue together our efforts to promote the values of peace, coexistence, and dialogue through sports and arts, to build more inclusive, tolerant, and developed communities.