Feast of the Coptic Organization in Minya gathers 4,000 participants under the umbrella of the National Alliance.

“The Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services, under the umbrella of the National Alliance for Civil and Developmental Work, organized an Iftar (breaking of fast meal) on Tuesday at Atsa Center in Minya Governorate. More than 4,000 Egyptians, beneficiaries of the organization, participated in the Iftar. Among the attendees were farmers from the ‘Azra’ initiative, families benefiting from development programs, and multiple dialogues. The event was attended by several leaders of the Coptic Evangelical Organization, members of the General Secretariat of the National Alliance in Minya Governorate, as well as religious leaders and civil society institution leaders.

Ms. Susan Sadek, Director of Developmental Sites at the Coptic Evangelical Organization, expressed joy and pleasure in participating in this Iftar with the people of Minya. She affirmed the continued support provided by the National Alliance for First Line Care during the holy month of Ramadan nationwide. She added, ‘Today, more than 4,000 partners of the Coptic Evangelical Organization are participating under the umbrella of the National Alliance to support first line care families.’

On her part, Ms. Heba Yousry, Director of Dialogue Programs at the Forum for Dialogue of Cultures at the organization, emphasized the participation of dialogue program members from the Evangelical organization in supporting shared living values. This was achieved through the contributions of elders, priests, preachers, evangelists, media professionals, and academics. She highlighted the significant role they play in grounding dialogue values and building societal peace.

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