“The Irada Program is participating in the Dubai International Expo for People of Determination.

“The ‘Irada’ program is participating in the ‘Expo for People of Determination’ in Dubai. The Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services is proud to have the ‘Irada’ program taking part in the Dubai International Expo for People of Determination, where the program aims to provide an environment that supports the integration and inclusion of persons with disabilities into public life. Established in 2005, the ‘Irada Factory’ affiliated with the organization specializes in the manufacturing of prosthetics and assistive devices, while also providing a mobile maintenance unit in various locations across the republic.

The ‘Expo for People of Determination’ is considered the largest of its kind in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia region, aiming to continue its ongoing efforts to support this segment of society, estimated at around 50 million individuals in the Middle East.

The event seeks to achieve this goal by enhancing partnerships among communities, government bodies, experts, and global suppliers in the field of special needs. It also provides a platform for institutions to showcase their solutions, shed light on business growth opportunities, and connect with key buyers and sector experts from around the world.”