Female Leaders: Makers of Symbols and Icons in Society

When you are the maker of all symbols, icons, heroes, and men in society, you are much more than just its half.” This is how Monica Maiz, a presenter on Koogi TV channel and a member of the Cairo Group’s Youth Media Program, described the importance of women’s roles in society. This statement encapsulates the essence of the work done by the Dialogue of Cultures Forum through its various programs.

The forum aims to support women’s mediatory leadership in Egypt, whether they are journalists, academics, women religious leaders, or workers in civil society and governmental organizations. The forum works to empower these leaders and enhance their role in creating symbols, icons, and heroes in society.

From Alexandria to Aswan, the Dialogue of Cultures Forum is active in most governorates of Egypt, aiming to achieve balance and active participation of women in all fields. The forum’s vision revolves around the idea that women are not just half of society but are integral partners in building and advancing the community.