The Forum for Cultural Dialogue supports female religious leaders in Egyptian society

The Forum for Cultural Dialogue has sought, since its inception, to support, integrate, and activate the roles of female religious leaders in Egyptian society. These include preachers and advocates from Al-Azhar and the Ministry of Religious Endowments, as well as nuns and servants from Egyptian churches. They have achieved commendable and honorable roles, of which we are proud alongside their institutions, as partners in success and the journey of change and enlightenment.

These female religious leaders have proven their competence in various fields, promoting values of peace, tolerance, and acceptance of others. Their dedication to serving the community and spreading awareness reflects a desire to achieve positive change in Egyptian society

Through collaborative work with these female religious leaders, the Forum for Dialogue among Cultures sought to build bridges of communication and mutual understanding among different religions and cultures in Egypt. This joint effort enhances the status of women in society and contributes to the building of an inclusive and tolerant community, where there is no place for discrimination or bias on any basis.

Thus, these female religious leaders remain a source of inspiration for everyone, serving as role models in achieving success and positive change in society.