“Coexistence and Cultural Diversity: Forum for Dialogue at the Evangelical Coptic Authority Organizes a Special Meeting”

It seems that the “Coexistence and Cultural Diversity” meeting organized by the Forum for Dialogue at the Evangelical Coptic Authority was productive and inspiring. Here is a summary of what took place during the meeting:

  • The meeting was organized in collaboration with the Hanagir Forum for the Arts, affiliated with the Ministry of Culture.
  • Attendees included Dr. Nahed Abdelhamid, critic and founder/director of the Hanagir Forum, Dr. Anwar Mughith, sociology professor, Dr. Sameh Fawzi, writer and journalist, Dr. Soheir Kandil, Dean of the Higher Institute for Social Services, and Ms. Iman Mamdouh, Director of Local Dialogue Programs.
  • The dialogue focused on the importance of protecting diversity and coexistence in society, emphasizing that culture is a right for everyone and the importance of respecting differences in building the community.
  • Some examples and experiences from participants in implementing community initiatives were presented, highlighting the role of culture and diversity in enriching social and cultural life.
  • The meeting concluded with the performance of patriotic songs led by artist Mahmoud Darwish and the Knoz band, creating an atmosphere of joy and celebration.
  • Dr. Nahed expressed her gratitude to Professor Sameera Luqa, Head of the First Sector for Dialogue, to the Evangelical Coptic Authority, and to all those involved for the success and distinctive organization of the meeting.

This report indicates that the meeting was an opportunity for discussion and interaction on important issues related to diversity and coexistence in society, emphasizing the role of culture in promoting these values and principles in Egyptian society.