A video tour inside the factory to learn about the stages of plastic waste recycling.

In the quest to find solutions to plastic pollution, which harms health, the economy, and the environment, a visit was organized to the Bariq factory for 30 young people from three communities in the Qalyubia Governorate. During this visit, their awareness was raised about the real danger of plastic waste when it reaches vital water sources and accumulates on the seabed, in oceans, and rivers, in tons. This is due to its inability to self-decompose, leading to the destruction of marine life and its natural habitat. Additionally, it can reach humans when they consume fish, and it has harmful emissions on both soil and air, which are essential sources of food for humans.

A video tour inside the factory was conducted to learn about the stages of plastic waste recycling to turn it into safe products for food contact.

The visit resulted in fostering an encouraging spirit among the youth to promote environmental awareness, reduce harmful emissions, preserve natural resources, and minimize the environmental impact of plastic pollution within the villages they reside in.

Organized by the Local Development Unit of the Evangelical Authority, in celebration of World Environment Day.