“Our Students, Champions of Change”.. CEOSS and Banha Agriculture initiative to preserve natural resources

The Local Development Unit of CEOSS, in cooperation with the Faculty of Agriculture in Moshtohor, Benha University, in Qalyubia Governorate, organized the first conference on preserving natural resources within the framework of sustainable development and launched the “Our Students, Champions of Change” initiative to raise public awareness of the importance of preserving natural resources and the role of university youth in adopting this issue. The conference was attended by the Deputy Governor of Qalyubia, Dr. Sameer Hamad, the Vice President of the University, Dr. El Sayed Fouda, the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture in Moshtohor, Dr. Mahmoud Elzaabalawy, and Dr. Ehab Farid, the College’s Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development, as well as faculty members and 150 students.

During the conference, the “Our Students, Champions of Change” initiative was launched, which aims to equip university students with the skills to raise awareness of climate change and its effects, and how to adapt to it through their own media platforms.

The main recommendations of the conference included forming an advisory council of professors and researchers at Benha University to oversee the initiative, with the aim of qualifying university youth in the field of climate change to implement initiatives in the service of the environment and the community, as well as providing innovative solutions to address the effects of climate change, including irrigation models and others. Platforms for youth dialogue on the issue of climate change will also be launched, and the impact of climate change will be included in university education activities.

The conference’s activities come as a continuation of CEOSS’s awareness campaign on the economic and environmental impacts of climate change on small farmers in Egypt.