A “Message of Brotherhood, Dialogue and Tolerance” Initiative

The Project for Promoting Intercultural Dialogue in the “Giza Region” implemented its first initiative titled  “Message of Brotherhood, Dialogue and Tolerance”, that coincided with the Valentine’s Day and the International Day of Human Fraternity, which are celebrated in February of each year, under the context of CEOSS constant endeavor to employ voluntary social work in serving different groups, in order to uphold the banner of love, acceptance of the other, pluralism and diversity for a better tomorrow.

The initiative used art in order to train a number of children and youth to express themselves and their relationships with others in their respective societies. The participants expressed their readiness through drawing, coloring, writing and singing to release their energy and ideas in a safe setting that seeks to listen to them while talking about their dreams, ideas and plans.

It also included a study of the principles of the Human Fraternity document and discussion groups on the values of dialogue, pluralism, diversity, love and tolerance.