All that you need to know about breast cancer

All that you need to know about breast cancer: prevention – symptoms – early detection steps – treatment methods

Breast cancer is one of the most common diseases, with approximately 1 in every 12 women developing breast cancer in her lifetime. The best way to confront the disease is early detection and self-examination, so have a check-up, don’t be late.


Prevention methods through lifestyle:

– Sports

 – A healthy diet (which includes especially vegetables) / weight control

– Reducing harmful use of alcohol

– Avoid exposure to tobacco smoke

– Avoid prolonged use of hormones

– Avoid excessive exposure to radiation

– Prolonged breastfeeding



  • A lump or thickening in the breast
  • A change in the size, shape, or appearance of the breast
  • Redness or wrinkled skin
  • The appearance of abnormal secretions


Early detection steps:

  • Monthly self-examination and breast examination once every three years after the age of 20
  • Medical examination once a year after the age of 40
  • Ultrasound examination under the age of 35


Among the methods of treatment:

  • Systemic treatment (anti-cancer drugs given orally or intravenously)
  • Radiation therapy to control the disease in the breast, lymph nodes and surrounding areas
  • Chemotherapy: Medicines are used to destroy fast-growing cells, such as cancer cells.
  • Surgical intervention