Intercultural Dialogue concludes the “Youth and Tolerance” meeting

The Intercultural Dialogue Forum of the Coptic Evangelical Organization concluded a meeting titled: “Youth and Tolerance: Opportunities and Application” with the participation of a group of clerics, academics, media professionals, and representatives of civil society organizations from the governorates of Beni Suef and Giza.

The discussions included the importance of the role of civil society in activating tolerance in all its forms in society; the perspectives on the roles of all participating groups; and how to confront cultural stress factors that impede the achievement of tolerance, and from it the discussion went to tolerance towards the environment, climate changes and the national strategy for climate change, the goals that can be worked on with community participation, possible awareness-raising efforts, and the role that all categories can play towards this issue through the religious discourse, environmental education using arts, and other activities and tools.