Seminars in Beni Suef and Al-Minya within a project towards resilient rural communities

The agricultural sector is one of the sectors most affected by climate change in terms of its impact on the salinity of the lands and the difference in planting dates, in addition to the change in diseases, bacteria and viruses that vary according to temperature, cold, and others.

Therefore, among the activities of the Local Development Unit of the Coptic Evangelical Organization is the holding of awareness seminars for farmers about

+ Climate change and its impact on agriculture

+ Modern irrigation methods

+ Rationalization of consumption

+ Recourse to clean energy


Following pictures are from these seminars that were held in Beni Suef and Al-Minya as part of a project towards resilient rural communities



“The Annual Thought Event”

“The Annual Thought Event is an opportunity for us, as members of the Evangelical Coptic Authority, from different provinces, to come together in one place to