CEOSS trains 45 children to use artificial intelligence techniques

Training 45 children and cadres in the communities of (Shubra Al-Khaimah – Old Cairo – Al-Basateen – Al-Mokattam) on the use of artificial intelligence techniques, to express their cases, and to benefit from these technologies in the field of artificial intelligence and digital transformation to address issues of awareness and the social protection of children at risk, and to use them in awareness, especially in the field of children’s rights, environmental awareness and other topics as a contribution to the implementation of the Egyptian state’s directions to activate the digital transformation within the vision of Egypt 2030.

The activities of the first training program on “Digital Transformation and Introducing Artificial Intelligence Technology in Working with Developmental Issues” to prepare and train leaders and community cadres who work in the programs of protecting working children and homeless children, were held with the participation of the journalist, Reda Al-Kardawi, media technology consultant and former president of the Arab Council for Media and Development, to work for the advancement of the category of children at risk. The children produced short cartoon films expressing their issues, as well as awareness films on children’s rights, climate change and environmental preservation, and they used what they learned of technology programs to introduce digital marketing for their products as a first plan in preparing for digital transformation.

The training program was implemented by the Local Development Unit of the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services.