CEOSS organizes a medical convoy in partnership with Banha University

The Local Development Unit of the Coptic Evangelical Organization, in partnership and in coordination with the Banha University, the Community Service and Environmental Affairs Sector, and the Banha College of Medicine, carried out a comprehensive medical convoy under the slogan “For better health for all Egyptians”, in order to examine and treat the neediest citizens that are most worthy of the care.

The comprehensive medical convoy was done with the participation of 35 medical teams, specializing in (internal – orthopedic – pediatric), in the Namol community and its affiliated villages, Qalyubia Governorate. In partnership with the Namol Community Development Association, where the examinations, drug treatment and referral to hospitals for performing interventions (operations, x-rays and analyzes) was done for 475 of the children, women, men and the elderly.