The Development Unit organizes a medical convoy in Al-Behera

The Local Development Unit of the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services, in cooperation with the #DignifiedLife initiative, organized a medical convoy in Markaz Abu Al-Matamir – Behera Governorate, including the following specialties (Gastroenterology diseases – pediatric – obstetrics and gynecology – dentistry – medical analysis – vaccination against Covid – ophthalmology).

Medical examination were carried out for (540) citizens:

  • Gastroenterology 58
  • Pediatric 60
  • Gynecology and Birth control 61
  • Ophthalmology 238
  • Dentistry 32
  • Medical analysis 47
  • Covid vaccination 44



“The Annual Thought Event”

“The Annual Thought Event is an opportunity for us, as members of the Evangelical Coptic Authority, from different provinces, to come together in one place to