Training female artisans on photography and building commercial brands as part of the celebrations of Egyptian Women’s Day in Minya

As part of the celebration of Egyptian Women’s Day, the Local Development Unit of the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services (CEOSS) participated on Wednesday in collaboration with the Small, Medium, and Micro Enterprise Development Agency in Minya Governorate, as well as the Ayadi Egypt platform, in training craftswomen on photography techniques for marketing their products and building brand identities. The specialists from the agency carried out this training with the aim of empowering and supporting women who have handicraft skills, to expand marketing opportunities, thereby contributing to improving economic conditions. In addition to the meeting, handicraft products were photographed in preparation for display on the Ayadi Egypt platform, which is affiliated with the Ministry of Local Development. It is worth noting that the training was held at the General Diwan of Minya Governorate.