Cooperation between CEOSS and the Business Development Organization to support women entrepreneurs and handicraft owners

The Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services organized a training day for the unit called: “Providing services for the development of central entrepreneurship”, in cooperation and coordination with the Small, Medium and Micro Business Development Organization for Industrial Management in the Cairo office, with the participation of a number of experts, in addition to the agency’s mobile car, to provide business development services. This comes as a continuation of the role of the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services in providing support and assistance to female entrepreneurs and women who own handicrafts in developing and marketing their products, and working on increasing their income, in the presence of Dr. Wafaa ElSaiid, Senior Director of Marketing and Training in Cairo Governorate; Dr. Shaimaa Fareih, Director of the Work Development Unit, Industrial Administration; Mr. Ahmed Fadl Saleh, Director of the Central Sector for Non-Financial Services; and Mr. Ahmed Ismail, responsible for the Technology Support and Project Development Department in the Central Sector for Non-Financial Services.

Ms. Margaret Sarofim, Head of the Local Development Sector at the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services, said: “The Central Entrepreneurship Development Services Unit EDSU was established in Cairo as an umbrella for 12 EDSUs in three governorates, namely,Al- Minya, Beni Suef and Sohag, to invest in innovative project ideas, help entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into emerging businesses and companies, and helping owners of ready businesses to expand and compete in the local market, while providing technical support by linking entrepreneurs’ businesses to markets, and working on creating non-traditional markets such as e-marketing, and how it allows entrepreneurs to compete and spread to reach larger segments of customers at the lowest possible cost, and providing opportunities for trainees on how to market products through search engines.”

Saroufim added: “This comes within the framework of the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services’s interest in entrepreneurship in general, and in women in particular, adopting pioneering ideas and helping them work under the umbrella of the formal sector, so that they have wide and safe economic opportunities in the labor market.”

It is noteworthy that the mobile car includes the latest photography devices to implement the advanced training course to teach women owners of handicrafts about “photography for marketing”, which was carried out by a number of specialists from the organization, in addition to “photographing women’s craft products” to be used on social networking sites in marketing for their products. Trainings on product pricing, branding, and product barcodes were also held.