FID organizes a symposium titled: “Social Cohesion and Consolidating the Values of Citizenship” in Bani Mahdi

The Forum for Intercultural Dialogue held a symposium titled “Social Cohesion and Consolidating the Values of Citizenship” last Friday in the village of Bani Mahdi as part of the activities of the project to enhance the values and practices of citizenship in Al- Minya Governorate, in partnership with the Ministry of Social Solidarity. 300 of the villagers attended, along with the mayor Mahmoud Mustafa, the mayor of the village, and the project’s community committee of natural leaders, women leaders and youth.
The symposium dealt with the concept of citizenship and the challenges facing our societies in achieving societal cohesion. It also emphasized the social responsibility in consolidating the values of citizenship. In the symposium, Dr. Mahmoud Abdel-Rasheed, Professor of Sociology at Al-Minya University gave a word, as well as Dr. Azza El-Araby, Director of the Training Sector in Organization and Administration.
It is noteworthy that the community committee and youth leaders in the village have a major role in building awareness of the values of citizenship through door-knocking campaigns, implementing youth camps and cultural and artistic festivals for children, what made citizenship a way of life.