The Local Development Unit signs a cooperation protocol with the Arab Investors Union and the Businesswomen Association for Development

The Local Development Unit of the CEOSS has signed a cooperation protocol with the Arab Investors Union and the Women’s Business Association for Development. The protocol was signed by Mrs. Margaret Sarofim, head of the local development sector, and Dr. Hoda Youssef, head of the Arab Investors Union, to collaborate in various development fields, support entrepreneurial ideas and businesswomen, empower them with the necessary skills and experience to operate and manage their projects, support small and medium-sized enterprises, provide employment opportunities and training for employment. The protocol also includes providing job opportunities for people with disabilities to support their integration into society, achieving financial inclusion, raising awareness of the culture of self-employment and entrepreneurship. The cooperation also includes holding exhibitions for handicrafts, opening marketing opportunities, supporting the exchange of experiences for craftswomen and university students between Egypt and African countries, and strengthening the sense of belonging, especially among university students. This cooperation aims to support the national economy, reduce unemployment and illegal immigration, combat extremism and terrorism, and achieve digital transformation to support the building of a digital Egypt.



“The Annual Thought Event”

“The Annual Thought Event is an opportunity for us, as members of the Evangelical Coptic Authority, from different provinces, to come together in one place to