CEOSS Participates Through Dar El Thaqafa In The Cairo International Book Fair

Dar El Thaqafa, affiliated to CEOSS, is participating in the Cairo International Book Fair, which is held from January 25 to February 6, with important publications in several fields: social, psychological, theological and biblical.

Rev. Dr. Andrea Zaki, president of the Evangelical Community in Egypt, and head of CEOSS, affirmed, “CEOSS is keen to participate in this cultural occasion through Dar El Thaqafa with a collection of publications aimed at serving the community,” stressing that “the main mission of Dar El Thaqafa is to present enlightened thought and build awareness,” adding, “During this year, Dar El Thaqafa was keen to publish several publications on community service and the societal role of the church, in line with the vision of the Egyptian state, dedicating the year 2022 as the year of civil society,” noting that “holding the exhibition is a strong message that the Egyptian state seeks to promote a culture of reading, learning and knowledge-building.

Amani Latif, Director of Dar El Thaqafa, said, “This year, Dar el Thaqafa was keen to select a collection of important books that address contemporary societal issues, especially during the year of civil society, through publications such as: التنمية من الإحسان إلى مجتمع المتانة والمرونة (Development from Charity to a Society of Strength and Resilience), by Dr. Rev. Andrea Zaki, andإلهي لماذا تركتني؟  (My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?). She added, “Dar El Thaqafa also gave attention to general books of interest to all scholars, researchers, and readers in religions, the most important of which is نظرة عامة على تاريخ المسيحية في مصر (An Overview of the History of Christianity in Egypt), by Rev. Dr. Michael Parker, and المسيحية والحضارة العربية (Christianity and Arab Civilization) by Father Dr. George Shehata Kanawati. Then she said, “This year, Dar El Thaqafa was also interested in publishing a children’s book, and several important theological books such as عقيدة الإفخارستيا  )the Eucharistic Doctrine( by Rev. Suhail Saud, and the  عقيدة الاختيار (The Doctrine of Predestination), by Rev. Bakhit Matta, which are important publications for researchers in theology and doctrine.”