The Governor of Qalyubia Receives a Delegation of CEOSS Representatives to implement the “Izraa'” (Plant) Initiative

Abdul Hamid Al-Hagan, Governor of Qalyubia, received a delegation of CEOSS representatives, and a member of the National Alliance, to discuss launching mechanisms of “Izraa” initiative to support the cultivation of 20,000 acres of wheat in the governorate, in order to reach 13,000 farmers, and support them by providing certified seeds at reduced prices at half the cost, and offering technical support and guidance to introduce the most appropriate farming methods with the help the Egyptian university professors to work on implementing good agricultural practices, provide technical support through periodic field visits to farmers, and follow up on the implementation of all recommendations through consultants. This helps farmers increase their productivity, raise their economic level, and activate contract farming to market their crop.

The governor asserted that this meeting comes within the directives of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, to expand the cultivation of strategic crops, especially the wheat crop, which is considered one of the most important axes of food security. Then he praised the cooperation with the CEOSS in these agricultural initiatives, and in raising awareness among civil society, and indicated that the governorate always welcomes work and cooperation with civil society organizations because they are partners in development.

For his part, the Governor of Qalyubia directed the Director of the Agriculture Directorate to start immediately holding community meetings with farmers to introduce the initiative and provide all the necessary support and facilities for the success of the initiative. Then he indicated that he will attend these events to motivate farmers to grow wheat crops to face the crisis that all countries of the world are suffering from.

The Governor of Qalyubia also welcomed the cooperation with CEOSS through the work of service and community activities for the citizens of the governorate, whether the work of veterinary, the health convoys, the initiatives to train young men and women on craft and self-employment, supporting the most needy families, providing small projects for housewives to support them, the initiatives of home renovation and ceilings and floors molding, in order to provide a decent life for the most vulnerable families.

Professor Margaret Saroufim, head of the local development sector in CEOSS, confirmed that the organization adopts many activities that contribute to providing a better life for citizens, including medical convoys, as CEOSS organized a multidisciplinary medical convoy in the village of Namul in Toukh Center, in coordination with Benha University, examining, providing medicines, and a referral to hospitals to receive the necessary treatment (surgeries, x-rays and analyzes) for 475 children, women, men and the elderly.

She added that CEOSS is working to provide support and assistance to women entrepreneurs and artisans in developing and marketing their products, working to increase their income, and holding training courses for them to be trained in handicrafts and artisans.