The goals of Volunteerism Network that includes CEOSS

CEOSS in cooperation with its partners in the Volunteerism Network, seeks to spread the culture of volunteering and raise awareness about the importance of volunteering and its contributions to achieving the national development agenda.

The network is giving very serious consideration to environmental issues and climate change, especially with regard to raising awareness about the importance of the Conference of the Parties to Climate Change that is an annual conference in which 197 countries participate, and about the plan of these countries to confront and address the problem.

The conference is part of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change that is an international treaty signed by most countries in the world with the aim of combatting dangerous human interference with the climate system.

The conference will be held this year in Sharm El-Sheikh from 6 to 18 November. It is worth noting that this is the 27th summit since the Convention entered into force on March 21, 1994, and therefore it is called COP27.

The host country for the conference is chosen according to a system of rotation between different continents. Last year, Egypt submitted a request to host its session this year, and it was chosen.

For the first time at last year’s summit, an agreement was reached calling explicitly for the reduction of the use of coal, which increases greenhouse gas emissions. At the time, UN Secretary-General António Guterres said it was time to move to “the emergency, eliminating fossil fuel subsidies, phasing out coal, protecting vulnerable communities, and committing to provide $100 billion in climate finance.”