The Minister of Agriculture discusses with CEOSS the launch of an initiative to cultivate 150,000 feddans of wheat

Al-Qaseer, Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, received a high-level delegation from CEOSS and the National Alliance for Civil and Development Work, to discuss mechanisms for launching the CEOSS’s initiative to support the cultivation of 150,000 feddans of wheat in 8 governorates.

Al-Qusair said, “This meeting comes within the framework of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s directives to expand the cultivation of strategic crops, especially wheat, which is one of the most important areas of food security.”

Al-Qusair praised the cooperation with the National Alliance and CEOSS in many agricultural initiatives, as well as raising awareness of civil society, adding that “the ministry always welcomes work and cooperation with civil society institutions because they are partners in development,” noting that “the Ministry of Agriculture will provide certified wheat seeds for 150,000 feddans (about 9,000 tons), as well as assistance in providing technical and extension support through the agricultural extension departments in the 8 governorates targeted by the initiative, in addition to benefiting from the extension fields and the national wheat campaign that is implemented in these areas.

He added “the ministry will also provide modern mechanization in conducting agricultural operations for wheat fields in the targeted areas (from planting to harvesting)”.

Reverend Doctor Andre Zaki, President of the Protestant Churches of Egypt and General Director of CEOSS, expressed his proudness in this sincere national cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, which aims to achieve real development for the Egyptian society.

Rev. Dr. Andrea said: “CEOSS seeks with all its experience to contribute to the cultivation and production of strategic crops, including oil crops, in cooperation with the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture and private sector companies, to implement integrated agricultural models that contribute to achieving Egypt strategies to reduce imports and achieve food security.”

For her part, Margaret Saroufim, Head of the Local Development Sector at CEOSS, said: “CEOSS follows the scientific method in the farmer support model with the help of Egyptian university professors, to work on implementing good agricultural practices, providing technical support through periodic field visits to farmers, and following up on the implementation of all recommendations through consultants, which help farmers increase their productivity and raise the economic level of farmers.”

The delegation included Dr. Noha Talaat Abdel-Qawy, Secretary of the National Alliance, Ms. Margaret Saroufim, Head of the Local Development Sector of CEOSS, Mr. Maged Mamdouh, the Financial Director of CEOSS, Mr. Maged Boulos, Deputy Director of Upper Egypt Rural Development Project, and Mr. Yohanna Roman, the Executive Accountant of CEOSS.

At the end of the meeting, it was agreed to formulate a protocol to be signed later to maximize the mechanisms of joint cooperation.