Celebrating the International White Cane Day October 2022

White Cane:

  • It helps the visually impaired person to identify the components of the environment around him.
  • It guides him to cross obstacles on his way.
  • Introduce him to people around.

Because of the importance of the White Cane, we celebrate on October 15, the International White Cane Day to encourage people with visual impairments to use the cane and to educate the community about its importance.

In this context, the Local Development Unit of CEOSS, in cooperation with the Educational Foundation for Early Intervention and the Department of Cultural Empowerment for People with Special Needs affiliated with the General Authority for Culture Palaces, organized an awareness meeting in the Cultural Park about the white cane, its characteristics and importance, a cane walking training, and an education drivers and pedestrians about the cane.

Some people with visual impairments have spoken about what they are exposed to in society, the impact of that on their feelings, and the psychological harm that they are exposed to due to bullying, so we wish everyone to be careful before uttering hurtful words

Under the auspices of The National Alliance for Civil and Development Work