Cooperation between CEOSS and “Youth who Love Egypt” to raise environmental awareness

A cooperation protocol between the Evangelical Organization and “Youth who Love Egypt” to raise environmental awareness and to confront climate change.

A cooperation protocol was signed between the Local Development Unit of the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services and the Youth who Love Egypt Foundation, yesterday, Monday, at the headquarters of the Evangelical Organization, to implement effective interventions in the field of environmental development in general, and climate change in particular, to face the challenges threating the Egyptian society because of the climate change; as one of the most important cases that concern the countries of the whole world.

Margaret Sarofim, Head of the Local Development Sector at the Coptic Evangelical Organization, said: “This cooperation comes within the framework of strengthening and multiplying the partnerships and cooperation between civil society organizations, in order to maximize the impact of various development programs for the benefit of the neediest and the groups most worthy of care in all fields.”

It is planned to have some activities activated in the Governorate of Behira, through the implementation of the Climate Pioneers Program, in order to raise environmental awareness and the environment protection from the effects resulting from practices that are harmful to the environment, for all segments of society, especially youth and children.

People who participated in the signing ceremony were as follows: from the Youth who Love Egypt Foundation, Mr. Ahmed Fathy, President of the Youth who Love Egypt Foundation and member of the Arab Youth Council for Climate Change and the National Coordinator of the African Climate Alliance; Dr. AlDoshi Mahdi, Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Youth who Love Egypt Foundation and Professor at the Faculty of Science, Al-Azhar University , Assiut, Department of Marine Sciences; Dr. Ahmed Karkait, a consultant for leadership preparation and self-development and a researcher at the National Planning Institute for the Digital Economy; Mr. Duha Hilal, Head of Training and Development Unit; Mr. Nazar El-Badawy, Head of the Social Media Team; and from the Coptic Evangelical Organization, Ms. Margaret Saroufim, Head The Local Development Sector of the Coptic Evangelical Organization; Mr. Rafiq Nagy, Director of Development Sites and Resource Mobilization, Lower Egypt; Ms. Magda Ramzy, Director of Comprehensive Rural Development, Lower Egypt; and Ms. Nashwa Farid, Deputy Director of Resource Mobilization, Lower Egypt.