The Evangelical Organization organizes Ophthalmology convoys in Beni Suef

The Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services as an organization of civil society organizations and a member of the National Alliance for Civil Development Action, and over a period of three days, organized Ophthalmology convoys in the villages of Al Fashn Center (Western Elfent – Eastern Elfent- and Kafr Darwish), in continuation of the work with the Directorate of Health and in targeting the most needy villages.

400 people benefited by being examined during the convoys. Through the convoy treatment was distributed free of charge to 229 citizens, provided by one of the pharmaceutical companies, and through examination the following was detected: (34) cataract operations, (1) Glaucoma, (17) cases of pterygium, (9) De Barsy Syndrome, (2) eyelashes, (1) Strabismus, (1) Stye, and (1) dimples. 120 glasses were made and all operations were transferred to Horus Hospital.