For the first time in Al-Minya … the day of harvesting the “Egyptian gold” with a modern irrigation system

The Local Development Unit in Al-Minya organized a harvest day for the wheat crop, which is implemented for the first time in the governorate with a modern irrigation system (drip irrigation network) in the village of Idqaq Al-Misk in the Mattay Center, in the presence of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture in Al-Minya, Engineer Ismail Radwan, and the Director General of Agricultural Extension in Al-Minya, Eng. Hussein, and the Director General of Agricultural Affairs, Mohamed Khalaf, along with a number of farmers, where the model, which began to be planted in last December, was presented, with all agricultural interventions starting from land planning, technical support and production requirements, and ending with harvesting by agricultural mechanization in cooperation with the Agricultural Services Center (hub) in Al- Minya.


Margaret Sarofiem, head of the local development sector at the Coptic Evangelical Organization, declared, “The Organization pays special attention to supporting small farmers while providing all the support that helps them achieve the highest possible productivity of the agricultural land, especially in the cultivation of strategic crops such as wheat, while preserving the natural resources with water as the top of the list. This happens through the use of modern irrigation systems. This day represents for us the achievement of the integrated model and the effective partnership between government agencies, led by the Directorate of Agriculture in Al-Minya and the technical support services represented by the consultant of the Faculty of Agriculture of Al-Minya University, Dr. Sami Ramses, as well as the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources, Dr. Mansour Abdel-Rasoul and the Coptic Evangelical Organization,  and the farmers’ associations, as representatives of the civil society organizations, as part of the Towards Resilient Rural Egyptian Communities project, which is funded by the European Union.