The President of the Evangelical Church opens the meeting entitled: “Together for a Sustainable Development”

Rev. Dr. Andrea Zaki, Head of the Evangelical Community in Egypt, and Head of the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services, along with Major General Tariq El-Feki, Governor of Sohag, participated today, Monday, in a meeting “Together for a Sustainable Development in Sohag Governorate”, which was organized by the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services, in cooperation with the governorate and the Ministry of Social Solidarity, and the National Alliance for Civil Development Work, in the presence of Rev. Rifaat Fathy, Secretary General of the Nile Evangelical Synod; Rev. Rifaat Fikry, President of the Cairo Evangelical Council and Chairman of the Dialogue Council; Representative Rasha Ishaq, Member of the Senate; Rev. Emad Shawky, Pastor of the Evangelical Church In Sohag; Anba Touma Habib, Coptic Catholic Bishop of Sohag; Ms. Margaret Saroufim, Head of the Local Development Sector at the Evangelical Organization, and a number of the executive leaders, and representatives of the civil NGOs in the governorate.


In his speech, Dr. Andrea Zaki expressed his thanks and appreciation to Major General Tariq El-Feki, Governor of Sohag, for his constant support of community activities and events on the governorate’s land, and for his cooperation with the Coptic Evangelical Organization in order to achieve sustainable development for the people of Sohag, noting that “the organization started its work in Sohag at the end of 2016”. He also asserted, that “CEOSS supports all citizens on the land of Egypt, without discrimination, through partnership with various actors, since the organization works with more than 400 NGOs and thousands of volunteers.”


The head of the Evangelical Church said: “I stress that our common goal and endeavor is to always work effectively and positively in achieving the goals of comprehensive and sustainable development and achieving Egypt’s Vision 2030, as well as to contribute to improving the lives of the citizens most in need and most worthy of care, to provide them with a decent life, so that we can reach together the desired goal of achieving development, building and growth in all parts of the country, our beloved homeland, Egypt.”


For his part, the Governor of Sohag welcomed Reverend Dr. Andrea Zaki, and his accompanying delegation, praising the role of the Coptic Evangelical Organization for Social Services and those in charge of it, stressing that “sustainable development was and still is a top priority of the state, and the signs of development are evident in the governorate through presidential initiatives and national projects for building up the Egyptian person, especially the initiative of developing the Egyptian countryside, called “a Decent Life”, of which Sohag governorate had the largest share”. He also stressed the importance of the societal participation of civil society institutions with the state institutions, working hand in hand to provide the best level of services to the citizens.


The meeting included a presentation of a report on the achievements of CEOSS in Sohag in the fields of agriculture and crop wealth, health, relief, development services, and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities, by showing live models of people benefiting from the services of the organization in Sohag.