The head of the CEOSS receives the Swedish ambassador at the headquarters of the organization

Reverend Andrea Zaki, head of the Evangelical community in Egypt, and head of the Coptic Organization for Social Services, received today, Tuesday, his excellency Ambassador Hokan Emsjord, Sweden’s ambassador to the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The head of CEOSS welcomed his excellency, Sweden’s ambassador, then he gave a quick presentation of the activities of the evangelical community and of the Coptic Organization at the local, regional and international levels. The leaders of the Evangelical Organization also presented the activities of the various units and sectors of the Evangelical Organization, and its role in presidential initiatives in various governorates, in addition to its participation in the National Alliance for Civil and Development Action.

In his speech, the head of CEOSS said: “The Egyptian state plays a huge role in facing difficult economic challenges, as a result of global conflicts, and the Egyptian state is witnessing serious steps in supporting civil development work and improving services provided to citizens and families in need.”

For his part, the Swedish ambassador indicated the extent to which his country needs to work to support the values ​​of dialogue and societal integration, specifically at this difficult time that Europe is going through, due to the migration and the diversity of refugees of different cultures and nationalities. In addition, Mr. Hokan praised the experience of CEOSS and its work in rooting the values of dialogue and coexistence, in addition to its national and developmental role in serving the Egyptians.

The meeting was attended by leaders of the Coptic Evangelical Organization, Mr. Mumtaz Beshai, vice president of the Evangelical Organization, Ms. Samira Louka, senior head of Dialogue Sector in the Evangelical Organization, Ms. Margaret Saroufim, head of the Local Development Sector, and Mr. Michael El Dabaa, head of the Finance and Investment Sector.