Gender Program

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The program aims at building a just society characterized by equal social and economic rights and equal opportunities in public work to achieve equity and gender balance. The program also aims at emphasizing the empowerment of women and girls in all aspects of life and their participation in decision-making processes.


Quantitative Achievements

3902 men and women benefitted from program interventions and participated in the program

2845 individuals participated in awareness raising seminars, events, and campaigns on gender balance and combating violence against women

198 members of NGO’s community committees and supporting groups received capacity building on gender balance

187 young women and women were economically empowered through receiving crafts related training (tent-making, sewing, food industries, making detergents …)

672 women and girls accomplished an awareness raising curriculum of 43 chapters on equality between the sexes, correct nutrition habits, and premarital awareness

Major Qualitative Accomplishments

  • Integrated gender perspective within plans responding to the repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic. This included: empowering CBOs and community committees on how to design and implement initiatives which enhance readiness of women, girls, and their families to face the effects of Covid-19 pandemic. This is besides having women participate in the community committees to confront the crisis as well as raising their awareness of the methods and procedures of protecting women from being infected by the virus. All was in collaboration with the Health and Population directorates in the work governorates and the National Council for Women.
  • “We All Agree. No to Violence Against Women”: CEOSS launched a 16-day campaign to combat violence against women under the previously mentioned motto in 6 governorates. It included many cultural events and disseminated awareness messages through related seminars, a door-to-door campaign, a camp for boys and girls, processions to support women, and social media campaigns. Civil society organizations, the National Council for Women, a group of Muslim women preachers affiliated to the Egyptian Ministry of Endowments, and various medial outlets participated in this campaign.
  • Cooperated with the Youth Peer Education Network (Y-Peer) in Minia and supporting community cadres in Cairo, Giza, and Qalyoubia in holding a number of awareness raising events to combat all forms of violence against women

Success Story

My name is M.M. and I am 13 years old. I am a student in first preparatory. I live in al-Barad’a Village in al-Qanater al-Khairiya. I am the youngest of my siblings and I was engaged to be married. My mom was insisting on me getting married despite my young age. This is until one day some leaders from al-Barad’a Development Organization and CEOSS came to visit us. They talked with my mum about the dangers of early marriage and I told them my story and how my mum wanted me to get married and how I didn’t want to get married and wanted to go to school instead with my friends and complete my education and become a teacher.

The leaders continued to visit us to support me in overcoming my problem so that I could enjoy my rights and achieve my dreams. They continued to raise my mum’s awareness of the dangers of having me married at an early age. Eventually, my mum was convinced. As a result of their support, I broke off the engagement. After that, the CBO helped me to continue my education and helped my mum with the expenses. Now, I attend the activities with them in all projects that aim at supporting women’s and girls’ causes. I am grateful to them for helping me to continue my education.