“Positive Participant: A camp bringing together 100 young people from seven communities in Minya, with the aim of promoting citizenship values and community cohesion.”

“Positive Participant: This is the slogan of a camp that brought together a hundred young people from seven communities in Minya, including Beni Mahdi, Taha Al-Jabal, Nazlat Abid, Safat Al-Laban, Zawya Sultan, Ismailia, and Al-Hawasliya. This camp is part of the initiative ‘Enhancing Citizenship Values and Practices in Minya,’ organized by Cultural_Dialogue_Forum in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Solidarity. The camp included artistic, sports, and cultural activities, aiming to reinforce citizenship values, emphasize the importance of positive participation, and highlight the role of citizens and social cohesion in building the community and the nation.”