Itsa Center:

Itsa Center is located 15 km north Minia in Upper Egypt. It started in the mid-seventies as small conference center for volunteer leaders to take roles in the development of their communities. It is considered one of the leading conference centers in the area due to its strategic location in the center of Upper Egypt. It provides accommodation, meals and multiple-space conference rooms. It also provides all the necessary training programs for groups.

Itsa Center provides its services to all segments of the society, ranging from day use, to full board conferences through a variety of activities consistent with CEOSS mission and values.

Wedding Receptions:

Itsa provides a large hall for over 500 people equipped with the latest devices used for weddings.

Dahbeya Boat:

Dahbeya is located on the Nile in Minia in front of the local unit of the city of Minia. Dahbeya Marina is equipped with a restaurant and a café that can be used for a variety of events.

Samuel Habib building:

Samuel Habib building’s capacity is 109 persons on full board with air-conditioned rooms and restaurants.