Egyptian farmer is the goal of development process; small farmers’ category represents the majority of total Egyptian farmers; For example possession of 85% of farmers in Upper Egypt is nearly less than 3 acres and they have the responsibility to fulfill food needs of Egypt and even to improve the Egyptian economy through exporting surplus abroad. In spite of the huge responsibility on their shoulders and great services they are providing to the country, these farmers are still trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty.

Reality of agricultural marketing system in Egypt refers to weakness of marketing ability to small agricultural producers especially those who practice their productive activities at the field particularly in the field of vegetables and fruits production due to many reasons e.g. large number of producers, limited amount of production, difficulty and weak control of presenting their products, perishable crops with rapid spoilage, difficulty or lack of storage facilities, high cost and poor or lack of marketing information, weakness of flexibility regarding product variety, higher natural, economic and financial risks, insufficiency or lack of funding for marketing activities or higher ratio of fixed production costs. All of these factors are effective elements lead to weakness of marketing ability despite the difficulty of isolating marketing power in the market place especially with many complaints of many parties of low market power, or being a victim due to practicing of other parties e.g. brokers, mediators and some wholesalers.

Through agricultural marketing program the Coptic Evangelical Authority for Social Services was keen to provide special attention to develop agricultural development programs, develop opportunities for marketing and export of agricultural products, increase effectiveness of associations, agricultural committees and responsible parties of agricultural marketing of these agricultural authorities which helped to develop economic potentials of farmers especially farmers with low tenure to increase their incomes.

The country pays special attention to develop agricultural sector and agricultural policies particularly in the field of agricultural economy and to meet the highest international quality standards. However, this development is facing a lot of problems especially in the field of marketing regarding disability of small farmers to market their products of fruits and vegetables due to large numbers of producers, small amount of production, difficulty of providing an appropriate environment for processing the product in a good way that allow him to market his product at the best way, lack of safe means of storage and cooling and maintaining quality of the product particularly in case of exporting abroad.

The program aims to increase income of small farmers by providing high quality services at appropriate prices through partnership with private sector, managing marketing process of agricultural products, providing Production requirements of communities and managing refrigerated cars, creating unit for agricultural services in addition to creating many marketing opportunities that enable them to sell their products of agricultural crops to the highest value. Services will be provided to Local development communities and other communities

  • More profitable marketing opportunities for marketing of small farmers products
  • Improving crop productivity by providing agricultural requirements (high productivity seeds – Fertilizers – Pesticides) with high quality and competitive prices.
  • Providing appropriate technical support to farmers.
  • Providing refrigerated transportation service for agricultural products.


Governorate of El-Menya, Bani Sweif, Qalyebya


Farmers in general and small farmers (who own less than 3 acres) in particular.

Private sector

Fine Seeds Company – Egaseed –Green Seeds- Al-Hossam Al-Thahabi – Agrimatco -Pioneer -Alber of Pesticides and chemicals –Organic for biotechnology – Yara Agri Trade – Agrofood-  Green Egypt – Egyptian farmers – Charipak- Maba – El-Domiaty group – Lazah.

Governmental institutions and research centers

  • Agriculture directorates, departments of agricultural guidance and seeds in the targeted governorates.
  • Research centers and universities in the working areas.

Corniche El Nil in El-Menya next to Oriental Weavers

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Mobile no.: 01225504799


Itsa Farm

Arboretum: provides all kinds of seedlings for fruit, ornamental and timber trees and nursery accessories (for individuals – institutions) and its revenue depends on government institutions, which reaches up to (70: 75%) of total revenue